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Special Combo Offer ! 6-Piece Pcs Kitchen Knife Set with Swifty Knife Sharpener – CM7PSFTY

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List Price : 1999

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Selling Price : 499

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Material: Stainless Steel.
Package Contents : 1 x Chopping Board, 5 x Different Knives, 1 x Multi-Purpose Rod , Knife Sharpener
Color: Black & Silver.
Best For: Home,Office, Hotel, Restaurant, Fast Food Corners
High-grade sharpening stones
Convenient and and easy to use

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Special Combo Offer ! 6-Piece Pcs Kitchen Knife Set with Swifty Knife Sharpener – CM7PSFTY

Special Combo Offer ! 6-Piece Pcs Kitchen Knife Set with Swifty Knife Blade Sharpener – CM7PSFTY


Superior-Quality Design The knives included in Knife board set come in various shapes and sizes. Cut through the hard crust on a loaf, chop meat and dice vegetables using the knives in this set. Thanks to their surface finish, these knives are sure to resist corrosion. They have black plastic handles that provide a firm grip at all times. Hang the chopping board when not in use for convenient storage. Buy this kitchen knife board set to cut vegetables, fruits and other food items with maximum ease. Includes: Five knives, Knife sharpener and a chopping board Made of high-quality materials Knives with superior serrations Black plastic handles for firm grip

The Incredible Motorized Knife Sharpener Sharpen knives like a pro with Swiftly Sharp, As Seen on TV. This easy-to-use cordless sharpener features a built-in guide to hold your blades at the perfect angle. A professional-grade mineral sharpening wheel and two-stage system restores a razor-sharp edge in just seconds. Use it on knives, precision hand tools, scissors and even larger household tools. A Safe & Effective Knife Sharpening System Why put up with the time, hassle and expense of taking your knives to be professionally serviced? And why risk damaging your blades with a manual sharpening stone, ceramic rod sharpener or sharpening steel? Swiftly Sharp lets you easily restore your dull knives. Just press the power button, insert the blade in the guide and slide. The high-speed rotating sharpening stone automatically shapes and hones the blade to perfection. The Multi-Purpose Blade Sharpening Tool Do you have a drawer full of dull knives? Dont replace them-revitalize them with Swiftly Sharp. This sleek counter top unit works fast and comes with a built-in catch tray to collect any metal shavings. Use it on all your knives whether smooth or serrated: paring knives, fillet knives, steak knives, chef knives and cleavers. It works on scissors, small hand tools and hedge clippers, too. Compact and lightweight, it is easy to stash in a drawer or cabinet when youre done. Sharpen Your Knife Blades Quickly & Easily Stop wondering what to do about your tired, old kitchen knives and let Swiftly Sharp make them as sharp as they day you bought them. At just 5.75" L x 3.25" H x 2.5" D, this beautifully designed unit wont take up valuable space in your kitchen or on your work bench. It comes with a multi-use attachment with six slots to accommodate a wide variety of blades. Sturdy construction of plastic/metal. Uses 4 AA batteries (not included).

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